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Cockatoo Pictures and Descriptions

Bare-Eyed Cockatoo

Although the Bare-eyed Cockatoo is not thought of as one of the most attractive of the cockatoos because of the bare eye patch. His outgoing personality, excepBare-eyed Cockatootional intelligence, and affectionate nature make him an excellent choice for a pet and family member. He is very curious, playful, and comical, and is one of the best talkers of the cockatoo species.

Because of his more independent nature, a Bare-eyed Cockatoo is less likely to become noisy and demanding of attention. He enjoys playing with toys provide to him, and will occupy himself when he is not offered the attention of his human companions. The Bare-eyed Cockatoo has a reputation of being one of the more intelligent of the cockatoo species.

When full grown, a Bare-eyed Cockatoo will reach a total length of about 15 inches, which is a bit larger than the Goffin Cockatoo. The coloring is primarily white with varying amounts of peach in the face and chest, and yellow under the tail. If you are looking for a friendly, outgoing, comical, and talkative family pet bird, whose antics will be a constant source of entertainment, the Bare-eyed Cockatoo may very likely be a parrot that should be added to your list of pet parrots to consider.