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Hybrid Macaw Pictures and Descriptions

Calico Macaw

The Calico Macaw is a hybrid macaw produced by crossing a Green Wing Calico MacawMacaw and a Military Macaw. Generally, the male of the pair is the Green Wing, since female Green Wings are more difficult to find than the males. For this reason, Calico Macawthe Calico Macaw is usually as large as a Green Wing. and the head size and shape is also similar to that of the Green Wing. The colors on the back are green, tinted with bronze, and underside of the tail is primarily a darkened orange and gold. These colors are similar to those of the Military Macaw. The red on the chest is much darker than the red of a Green Wing Macaw.

The Calico Macaw pictured here is one of my pets, Toby. She is large boned, and weighs as much as a Hyacinth Macaw, about 1500 grams. She is an excellent talker, learns very quickly, and shows exceptional intelligence.

Although the Calico Macaw isn't as quite laid back as the Green Wing Macaw, many of the Green Wing personality traits are evident. Calico Macaws are affectionate, but the excited traits of the Military will sometimes emerge.