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Cockatoo Pictures and Descriptions

Elenora Cockatoo

The ElenElenora.jpgora Cockatoo, also known as the Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, is the middle size of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, attaining a total length of about 18 inches. The arch of the extended yellow crest and yellow cheek patches are a striking contrast to the pure white of the plumage of this very attractive cockatoo. This parrot is not only very beautiful, it is also highly intelligent and affectionate. It make an excellent family pet, being very adaptable to children.

As with most cockatoos, the Elenora Cockatoo must be taught independence as a youngster, so that it learns to entertain itself when human company is not available. This education will help to prevent the habit of screaming in demand of attention. Prevention of this behavior will be much easier than modifying it once it has been established.

The desirable size cage for this cockatoo is at least 2' X 3'. It does not need to be a tall cage because this is a short tailed parrot, but a cage of this size will allow room for hanging toys to keep him occupied, and give him space to exercise and climb.