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Cockatoo Pictures and Descriptions

Goffin Cockatoo

The Goffin Cockatoo, except for the cockatiel, is one of the smallest members of the Cockatoo family. He is about the sizeGoffin Cockatoo of a Timneh Grey or a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo with a total length of about 12 inches. He has a very small crest that is displayed when upset or excited in play. Although this picture doesn't show it well, the feathers on the chest are primarily white tinted with peach. The underside of the tail has yellow.The degree of peach color in the feathers varies from one bird to another.

This Cockatoo species is very playful and mischievous, and can be a fair talker. They are very affectionate and love to show off. I had one that loved to hang from the top of his cage and flip to the perch below. It amazed me that he never missed the perch.

The Goffin Cockatoo is a little more independent than some of the other Cockatoo species, and, therefore, is not spoiled quite as easily as some of the others. This means that he may not be as likely to screamin demand for attention. This does not mean that you couldn't make a spoiled brat out of him by succumbing to his demands too often. Any baby needs rules and needs to understand what is expected of him. This type of parrot is no different than any other in that respect.

The Goffin Cockatoo would be an excellent choice for someone that wants an affectionate, comical companion, and doesn't have space for a very large cage. This type of parrot may be kept comfortably in a standard parrot cage that is 20" X 20", but a larger cage is desirable if space in your home will allow it. If he must be kept in the smaller cage, he should be allowed time out for exercise.