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Hybrid Macaw Pictures and Descriptions

Harlequin Macaw
Giant Harlequin Macaw
Giant Harlequin Macaw
Giant Harlequin Macaw

The Harlequin Macaw is a hybrid macaw produced by breeding a Green Wing Macaw a nd a Blue and Gold Macaw. If the male of the pair is a Green Wing, the offspring will generally inherit the physical build and size of the Green Wing with much of the coloring on the Harelquin Macaw back and head similar to that of the Blue and Gold. The feathers of the chest are a red orange edged with yellow orange. Depending on the cross of Green Wing macaw male to Blue and Gold Macaw female, or Blue and Gold Macaw male to Green Wing Macaw female, a Harlequin Macaw can look very similar, if not identical, to a Catalina Macaw. Generally, the male is a Green Wing because female Green Wing macaws are more difficult to find than Blue and Gold females. For this reason, Harlequin Macaws usually have a larger build and head than a Catalina Macaw, and the chest color is more of a red orange than the yellow orange of the Catalina Macaw.

Green Wing Macaws and Blue and Gold Macaws are both good-tempered birds, and the Harlequins inherit the best of both species. They have the laid back, easy-going nature of the Green Wing meshed with the playful, mischievous nature of the Blue and Gold. As with most macaws, the high level of intelligence can make training both rewarding and challenging. Combine this, with their natural curiosity and eagerness to please, for a pet and companion that will become a constant joy in your life.

Since the Harlequin Macaw pictured to the left is my pet Quincy, a 15 year old female, I tend to favor Harlequins. I have enjoyed Quincy as a pet and companion since she was about 3 months old, and have found her to be extremely intelligent, eager to learn, mischievous, and very affectionate.

The pictures to the right are of some of my Giant Harlequin Macaw babies. At 3 months of age, they were already larger than my pet Quincy. The parents of these babies are a female Bolivian Blue and Gold Macaw and a male Giant Green Wing Macaw. Both of the parents are as large as most Hyacinth Macaws. Their offspring attain a size of 1500 to over 1600 grams by 10 weeks of age. The colors of the babies are darker and more vivid than the normal Harlequin Macaw. As you can see from the pictures, their coloring is more intense than Quincy's. I have also found that these babies have the same sensitive and affectionate disposition of Green Wing Macaw.