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Hawkhead Parrot

Hawkhead ParrotThe Hawkhead Parrot is definitely one of the more unusual species. It is about the size of a small amazon with maroon red and blue feathers on the chest and hood feathers. When agitated or excited, a Hawkhead will flare out the hood feathers around its face, making it look very similar to a hawk. Hence, the name Hawkhead Parrot.

Although, I have had a number of Hawkhead Parrots in the past, they have all been wild-caught birds that had been set up for breeding. I have not had the opportunity to raise one of them as a handfed baby. In my experience, as breeders, they seemed very similar in temperament to the amazons. They were fearless and aggressive, and had a tendency to be very vocal.

This does not necesarily mean that a domestic, handfed baby would not be a good pet. Unfortunately, I can't offer an opinion from my personal experience.