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Judy Leach's Parrots
Breeder Specializing in Macaws, including Hyacinth Macaw

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Lost and Found Parrot Reporting and Alerting is a new advanced global geographical lost, stolen and found parrot reporting and alerting site. A friendly place online for you and your parrots to call home.
Harvard Bird & Craft Fair Bi monthly bird and craft fair welcomes bird and bird supply vendors, crafters and one direct sales consultant per company.
Parrots and Props A place to buy props for teaching your bird tricks, i.e. Birdie Bikes, Basketball, Training tapes, etc.
Dawn's custom Creations This site is a "must-see". Dawn is a talented artist that does custom painting creations on glass, rock, and other surfaces. Her paintings of parrots and other animals on glasses are outstanding.
Wooden Bird Carvings All of the birds in our collection are original and hand carved out of solid basswood. Each carving is signed by the artist and no two birds are exactly the same.
Flew the Coop Aviary and Art Studio Pet Portrait Artist specializing in Parrot Portraits in Pastel, Glassware,Metal and Fabric! Senegal breeder and Pionus breeder with all babies abundanced-weaned, naturally fledged,vet-checked and health-guaranteed.
FunTime Birdy At FunTime Birdy, we believe your bird's well being is of the utmost importance. Our Parrot Playgyms(Parrot stands) are uniquely designed in that all the bird's toys are at eye level for a maximum playing experience.  All the Parrot Toys are included in the price of each Parrot Playgym.  Our belief at FunTime Birdy is that play time is an important time for each parrot, big or small. Not only will your bird love one of our Parrot Playgyms but Bird Owners love them too.
Shop for Small and Large Bird Cages Shop and buy small, medium, and large Bird cages for you pet parrot. All types and sizes of parrot cages and pet toys for your pet birds.
Northwest Cages - The Stainless Steel Experts TheUltimate cage is engineered for maximum safety and convenience and is constructed entirely of polished surgical grade stainless steel that is of such high quality, with a LIFETIME no-rust warranty! We hand-craft the Ultimate cage using bar-through-frame construction. This method produces the cleanest and strongest cages in the world. The Ultimate cage can be built entirely to your specifications or you may start with one of our "standard" sizes and modify it to fit your needs.
Bird Cages Plus
Bird Cages Plus is your one stop online shop for bird cages and avian accessories at the best prices! Here, you'll find all the bird cages and related products to fulfill your feathered friend's dreams!

Coop's Bird Supply & Aviary

Coop's Bird Supply & Aviary
Stan Cooper C.A.S.
AFA Certified Aviculturalist
Everything you need for your Bird!

S-N-R Pet Supplies S-n-R Pet Supplies is a one stop online pet supply shop. We offer you the best shopping experience possible. We offer a nice variety of quality dog supplies, cat supplies, and other supplies for whatever type of animal you own. We offer some of the lowest prices on pet supplies on the net.
Talon Treasures Talon Treasures is a reliable place where you can find Parrot Food, Cages, Play Gyms, Shower Perches, Cage Accessories, Parrot Toys and Much More!
Step Up Bird Supply An excellent source for parrot food and supplies
KPETS An excellent source for parrot toys and other parrot related items.
Midland Parrots Midland Parrots is located in the UK and is an excellent source for parrot toys and supplies. The site also includes alot of good informations that would be helpful and educational for most parrot owners.
PawsAndFeathers Breeder of African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws, Conures and quakers in Tampa Florida
QT Aviary Minnesota breeders of Lutino Fischer, Violet Masked and Opaline Peachface Lovebirds
Beekapoo Bird Toys Bird Toys, Bird Toy Parts, Boings, Swings, Bird Gyms, Sleep Tents and so much more. Toys that intrigue the mind as well as the beak!
Diane's Bird Toys

We take pride in making Home Made Bird Toys that are Colorful, Unique and Affordable for all your birds. All of our toys are made with the finest materials that are bird safe.

Parrot Supplies is your source for everything you need to care for, train and entertain your parrot.
Parrots Ireland A site for Irish Parrot owners and breeders, including Irelands only dedicated Parrot Forum
Rhoda's Parrots A place to find out if you are prepared for a parrot, read parrot profiles, or order products for your parrot. Many Feathers is a hobby breeder of Camelot & Capri, and other Scarlet-Catalina hybrid macaws, plus Scarlet & Buffon's Macaws. It includes a number of pictures of hybrid macaws. The site also features a Macaw Feathers Gallery
Catalina Hand-Painted Tile Murals for Bird Lovers
Fischer's Lovebird This little site cares for the wellbeing of the lovebird, full of good information & great photos.
A wonderful parrot site with a lot of excellent information. This site is well worth the time of a visit. I highly recommend it.
Art Gallery by Judy Leach An art gallery by Judy Leach dedicated to the art of independent artists. Since I haven't had as many babies to feed lately, I have had some time to pursue my interests in art and watercolor painting. This site includes a gallery of my paintings and also galleries of artwork for other artists. You can buy original artwork directly from the artist.
Zupreem is a manufacturer of a supreme pelleted parrot food, in addition to other animal foods. I use this pelleted diet for my parrots and would highly recommend this diet and also the handrearing formula. I have seen exceptional development in my babies with the Zupreem formula. Competitively priced natural or sand blasted manzanita bird perches, perching trees, bird toys for African Grey, Amazon, Quaker, Macaws parrots. UBuild Cages & Stands.
White Feather Bird Products Tropical colored bird toys like no other, Wholesome bird food creations and healthy treats.
Feather Fantasy Everything for your parrot companion. A distributor of Island Cages and supplier of a large variety of food, toys, and just about everything you might need to keep your pet healthy and happy. A developing site with lots of information.
The Parrot Pages A Home for Avian Information. We have searched the web so you don't have to with over 1500 Links.
Burge Bird Services An informational site developed by an Avian vet that also breeds parrots. Parrots babies offered for sale, and avian medical advice offered. A very caring and informative site about animals, including parrots, written created by veterinarian, Jill M. Patt of the Alta Mesa Animal Hospital in Mesa, Az. This covers care, illness, problems that pets can have, how to recognize them, possible causes.
Avian Fashions An interesting, well done site to find Birdie Diapers, Leashes, and Fun Costumes. Well worth visiting.
"Smart Bird" Toys Parrot toys designed by Smartie the "Smart Bird". Parrot, Macaw, Cockatoo and Exotic Bird Resources
Lovely Pet ID Tags Lovely Pet ID Tags" engraves personalized Pet ID Tags for Your Pets.
The New World Wide Lost & Found Bird Hot Line A wonderful web site that helps lost birds find their homes. Report lost or found birds, or check for success stories. The site also has a number of very entertaining "bird stories". A site well worth checking out.
Our Lovebirds Breeders of Hand-Fed lovebird pets. Located in Hamilton/Mississauga Ontario, Canada

Find a local Avian Vet If you are want to find an Avian Veterinarian in your area, the American Avian Association can help you to do so by contacting them in one of the following ways:
    1)    Phone the American Avian Association at 561-393-8901
    2)    Visit their web site. Although the listing include only vets that have requested to be listed, and is incomplete, it may contain an avian vet in your area. Click here to visit "".
    3)    Email them requesting your nearest avian vet. Be sure to include your City, State, and Zip Code. The email address of the American Avian Association is "". Click on the address to send an email requesting your local avian vets.