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Avian Diseases, Illnesses, and Injuries

From these pages you will learn about some of the different parrot diseases and injuries to watch for that may cause serious illness or even death in a parrot. Some of the illnesses and injuries to be described are cause by accidents or improper care, and others by bacteria or viruses. In many cases, there are remedies that may be implemented if the problem is recognized soon enough, but, for some, there are no known cures and the result will be inevitable death. In most instances, recognition of a disease, illness, or injury will simplify cure and/or correction. With proper care, early recognition, and timely treatment, most problems can be cured, or at least minimized.

Always be wary of "cheap" prices. As with most thing, you get what you pay for. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't price shop, but be sure to "KNOW YOUR SOURCE AND GET REFERENCES". Make sure that your source has a good reputation and that they offer a health guarantee. Normally, this should be a period of 72 hours to have a bird check by a qualified avian vet. Anyone offering long term guarantees will normally not back them up. No one can, or will, guarantee your care on a long term basis. There are a lot of people that buy for resale that aren't careful about their sources. Prices may be low to move the babies fast. They must be sold before they show signs of illness, or die. If you buy a baby at a low price, and lose him, you really haven't saved anything. You will have lost, not only the baby, but the part of you that you gave to him.

Avian medicine is still at its infancy. Depending on the your location, your avian veterinarians may, or may not, still be inexperienced and learning. Unfortunately, the curriculum of most veterinary schools concentrates primarily on horses, cattle, dogs, and cats. Avian medicine is, most often, learned in practice on live patients, our pets and breeders. If we can educate ourselves, we can help our avian veterinarians by suggesting a possible diagnosis and solution. This is not to suggest that we should take it upon ourselves to take avian medicine into our own hands. We need to work with our vets so that we can all learn to care for, and save the lives of, the parrots that we all love so dearly.

Use the menu above to learn about the symptoms and possible solutions to some of the known disease and illnesses. Viruses and incurable illnesses have been categorized into "Diseases", bacterial and curable problems have been included in "Illnesses", and "Injuries", includes problems caused primarily by accidents, improper care or diet, or lack of proper precautions.

Updates on diseases and maladies will be made available as they become known.