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Last Updated - January 19, 2019

Diet and Nutrition - Fact or Fad
Handfeeding - The Truth about Handfeeding a Baby Parrot
Feather Plucking and Chewing - Causes and Remedies
Wing Clipping - Pros and Cons - How to Clip Wings

Althought the internet can be a wonderful source of information, you have probably found that much of what you have read is not consistent and often conflicts. If you are a new or prospective parrot owner, this can be very confusing. Unfortunately, many of the sites on the internet were written by people with little or no experience, and it is very difficult for the novice to separate good information from the bad. In these pages I will offer you a common sense approach for keeping parrots based on my 30 years of experience in taming, training and raising parrots. You may find that some of these ideas are a little different than what you have been reading because they may not agree with the current trends or "fads", but I believe you will find these articles to be interesting and logical for each subject presented. Some of the topics that I plan to include are diet, introduction of a new parrot to your family, proper training of a young parrot, and various behavioral problems.