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Last Updated September 1, 2019

Picture of Baby Hyacinth Having sold many of my pairs in the last few years, I have a lot of supplies and equipment that I no longer have a need for. So I am offering these items for sale. Although most of the items have been used, all are in excellent condition, clean, and in working order. You are welcome to email or call with any questions you may have about specific items. Some are for pickup only and others can be shipped by either USPS or UPS. I will be adding to the page as I can get pictures and descriptions completed, and will remove those that are sold. Send me your city and zip code for shipping costs. Any items may be picked up. Picture of Baby Greys

We can accept payment by VISA & Mastercard thru PayPal!!

I prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!
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Petiatric Supply Brooder

This brooder is model 2A. It measures 17" x 17" x 19". The wafer temperature control will maintain the temperature +/- 1 degree. It has a drawer at the top for water to regulate humidity, a power switch, and a switch for the internal night light. A fan in the top circulates warm air, and a deflector in the roof of the brooder directs the air flow away from chicks.The large front door slides open for access, but does not allow the warm air of the brooder to readily escape. These brooders are reliable and will provide many years of service. The manufacturer of these brooders has retired and they are no longer being made, but they are dependable and the best I ever used. I also have two stand for these that will hold 3 brooders The stands are 69.95 plus shipping.

Plus shipping by USPS parcel post

Metal Macaw Nest Box

This nest box measures 32" wide x 21" high x 15". It is made to hang on the outside of the cage from hooks. Some of the boxes have the inspection door on the back and other have it on the end opposite the entry hole. The metal boxes last much longer than wood, and are much easier to keep clean. They do not absorb moisture and feces. The bottom of the box should be covered with non-toxic wood chips for nesting. This nest box works great for large macaws and large non-aggressive cockatoos.


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3-stack Breeding Cage for small to medium parrots or weaning cages for babies

This cage is a stack of 3 cages on casters. Each cage is 24" x 24" x 24 ", and each has a large door in front and a feeding station at perch level. The feeding station opens from the front of the cage allowing feeding from the outside, and securely holds the bowls to prevent them from being spilled or pulled out. Each cage can hold a slide out tray that is not included. We can have trays made for an additional charge if desired, and will charge only the actual cost of the trays, or you can make sheet metal trays for them.

Pickup only