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Visitors' Pet African Parrot Pictures

To include a picture of your pet parrot included on these pages, email a scanned or digital picture in .jpg format as an attachment, and include your bird's name, your name (first and last), city and state, and country. Submissions that do not include the required information will not be posted. All parrot pictures submitted for inclusion on this page must be approved by and become the property of Judy Leach. Submit entries to .

Species with quite a few pictures have been moved to their own page to make page load a little faster. Use the menu above to see pet african parrots not on this page.

* Indicates one of our parrot babies


Meyers parrot
Meyers Parrot (6 Mos.)
by Karoleigh
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Red-bellied Parrot
Red-Bellied Parrot
By Anonymous
Nova Scotia, Canada