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Visitors' Pet Parrot Pictures (All Others)

Pet Parrot Group Pictures

* Indicates one of our parrot babies

Green Wing Macaw, Moluccan Cockatoo
Merlin(*) and Max
Green Wing Macaw & Moluccan Cockatoo
By Michael & Jennifer Toerpe
Glendale Hts, Ill. USA
African Grey, Panama Amazon, Blue Front Amazon
Mouse (Congo Grey), Paco (Panama Amazon), & Sam (Blue Front Amazon)
by Lauren Johnson
Ozone Park, New York USA
Blue Crown Conure, Goffin Cockatoo
Leroy and Cuddles
Blue Crown Conure/Goffin Cockatoo
by Charlotte Koon
Miami, Florida USA
Green Wing Macaw, Moluccan Cockatoo
Jojo & Rubi (2 yrs)
Moluccan Cockatoo/Green Wing Macaw
by Dee Jarad
Chicago, Illinois USA
Cinton Cockatoo, Sun Conure
Peaches, Magick, & Mom
Citron Cockatoo, Sun Conure, and Laura
by Laura and Bobby Crees
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
Scarlet Macaw, Rosebreasted Cockatoo
Opie* & Rosie
Scarlet Macaw & Rosebreasted Cockatoo
by David de Jong
Urbana, Illinois USA
Timneh Grey, Lovebird
Arthur(dog), Roman, & Jenny
Timneh African Grey & Lovebird
by Bobby & Laura Crees
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
Timneh Grey, Congo Grey, Blue Front Amazon
Ivan, Zachary, and Roman
Congo African Grey, Blue Front Amazon & Timneh African Grey
by Bobby & Laura Crees
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
Moluccan Cockatoo/Scarlet Macaw
Ophelia(5 mos) & Opie (1 yr)*
Moluccan Cockatoo & Scarlet Macaw
by David de Jong
Urbana, Illinois USA
Cockatiels, Parakeets, Conure
Cockatiels, Parakeet, Conure
by Paul & Michelle
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
Orange Wing Amazon Green Cheek Conure
Green Cheek Conure & Orange Wing Amazon (1 1/2 yrs)
Georgie & Jimmy
by Carol Wishard
Ocala, Florida, USA
Ruby Macaw, Blue Front Amazon, Senegal Parrot
Lucy, Ruby Macaw ( 5 mos); Popeye, Blue Front Amazon (7 yrs); Olive, Senegal Parrot (3 yrs)
by Robert
Oak Lawn, Illinois USA
Timneh Grey, Quaker Parrot, Green Cheek Conure
Cooper(Quaker Parrot), Luigi (Green Cheek Conure), Zazu (Timneh African Grey)
by Diane Thompson
Coconut Creek, Florida USA

Rocky(Congo African Grey), Rubee(Vosmieri Eclectus), Kakai(Blue and Gold Macaw), Ara(Green Wing Macaw)
by Juel Balbon
Quezon City, Philippines
Cockatoo, Catalina Macaw
Charisma(Moluccan Cockatoo) & Mango(Catalina Macaw)
By Cindy Evaro
Fontana, California USA
Greys and Amazon
Bart (12 yrs), Junior (17 yrs), & Chika (6 yrs)
Congo African Grey, Timneh African Grey & Dbl. Yellow Head Amazon
by Howell Romero
San Diego, California