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Amazon Parrot Pictures and Descriptions

Red Lored Amazon

ThRed Lored Amazone Red Lored Amazon is about the same size as the Blue Front Amazon. The top front of the head is red, cheeks are yellow, and there is a white eye ring around the eyes. The flight feathers are red and blue, and the rest fo the body is varying shades of green.

Although there were quite a few Red Lored Amazons brought into the country during the times that parrots were being imported into the United States, this parrot is not commonly seen available for sale.

The Red Lored Amazon is quite capable of talking, but does not usually develop a vocabulary as extensive as some of the other amazons. They also do not tend to show the aggressive tendencies quite as much as some of the more popular amazons.

As mentioned before, handling and training as a baby is very important to the development and personality of any parrot. In the amazons, this will minimize behavioral problems and reduce aggression as they get older.