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Macaw Pictures and Descriptions

Red Fronted Macaw

The Red Fronted Macaw may be classified as the largest of the mini macaws, or the smallest of the larger macaws since his size is between the Military Macaw and the Severe Macaw. The Red Fronted Macaw is about 22 inches in length, primarily green with red on the crown, cheeks, top of the wings, and the legs. It does not have a facial Picture of Red Fronted Macawspatch as do most of the other macaws, and has a white eye ring that does not have feathers.

My experience with the Red Fronted Macaw species is limited to the pair pictured, which I raised from babies in 1987. I raised them to be a breeding pair and had not handled after they were a year old. When separated from the female, the male would get on my hand without nipping or biting. I have found them to be very outgoing, curious, and playful parrots. Although this species may have a tendency to be on the vocal side, I have not found them to be exceptionally noisy.

If raised as family members, and socialized as all babies should be, the Red Fronted Macaw would make an excellent family addition. It would be the perfect choice for someone that likes the personality of the larger macaws, but does not have the room for the cage size that would be required for a large parrot.