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I realize that many people are hesitant about purchasing a baby parrot from a source that is unknown to them, and this is a legitimate concern. For this reason, I am offering a page of resources that anyone may contact. These are all people that have purchased my parrot babies. Although, I did ask permission for inclusion of references to the page, I did not solicit references. I have included quotes from actual emails and letters that I have received from people that have purchased my babies. The date indicates the date of the reference receipt.

Since I also spend much time in helping people with parrot health and behavior problems, I sometimes get letters of thanks for my help. So I have decided to include a section for letters of appreciation to share them with you.

Click on a link to go to references for a specific species.

Letters of Appreciation
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Letters of Appreciation

Honolulu, Hawaii - 03/04/2012

"Thanks a million, Judy! Please post our comment on your websit as we would love others who come to your amazing wonderful extensive website know that sweetpea, our 11 year old rescued in the wild, Indian Ringneck, is doing better now and we hope that he will survive and prosper in good health in the years ahead. You are a marvelous person, may your dream always keep you well and happy!

Your kind response to our plea for your experienced advice and analysis has been his saving grace! We are so very grateful that we found you! Blessings on you and your work in the wild abundance!"


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Hyacinth Macaw - BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - 06/02/2006

"Judy, I just wanted to thank you. I love Goliath SOOOOOO much. He is a better friend and more playful and entertaining than I ever thought he could be - for that fact, any "Pet Companion" could be. All your hard work paid off, and you are so special to us. Goliath is who he is because of "You". You raised him up to be such a playful, lovable, "Gentle-big-Man". I am fortunate to have had you as his Bird Mom. I would not have wanted him to be raised any other way. Judy... His personality is beyond what we had hoped for, and we are more than delighted. I can't think of any other Fancy-Smancy words to describe....What a wonderful job you did in raising him!!! Goliath sends his love, and anyone getting any bird from you should really know how lucky they are. No one has what you have, and I want you to continue your beautiful work, as no one else could ever compare.

All our love,
Lisa Hope Trachtenberg and Goliath"

Email Lisa Hope Trachtenberg

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Hyacinth Macaw - MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - 05/25/2000

"I want to thank you for the best Hyacinth Macaw I have ever seen. His gentle and loving nature, especially at two years of age, is a testament to the personalized attention that you shower on each of your birds. His socialization skills with both humans and other birds is amazing! I also wanted you to know that of the many breeders I have dealt with over the years, your aviary was the cleanest, warmest, and most nurturing environment I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Your patience with my many questions before, during and after the transaction has been outstanding and was the cornerstone of my decision to go with you. I look forward to many happy years with this magnificent creature and want to thank you for adding a new friend to my life!"

Email Chris Cooper

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Hyacinth Macaw - LAKE VILLA, ILLINOIS - 04/25/2000

"I can't express enough thanks for the sweet Hyacinth baby we purchased from you. Maya has grown to be a wonderful, gentle companion and we love her dearly. She cuddles and wrestles and is more like a puppy with feathers. You've never failed to answer our questions or helped us when we needed assistance;  you were, and still are, there when we need you. You certainly are one of the rare class of ethical parrot breeders who truly loves the babies you raise. We would not have any problem buying another bird from you in the future."

Email - Diana Reed

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Giant Harlequin Macaw - BEND OREGON - 08/15/08

"Dear Judy,

I wanted to add to your already impressive list of references because I want everyone to know how much we appreciate you. We believe wholeheartedly that you are the reason our Harlequin is so special. We had 11 parrots before we bought your Harlequin, so we have a lot to compare it to.  We have bought from pet stores, breeders, rehomed birds etc... The parrot we got from you last week at 6 months of age is beautiful, sweet, quiet, friendly, loving.  She is already learning to step up, she is giving us kisses, she has the personality, appetite, everything that you said.  I appreciate all of your advice prior to and after getting her. She is tremendously loved and appreciated and is such a valued addition to our home.  Our 5 1/2 year old granddaughter who lives with us holds her already and she gives her kisses and is very comfortable being held by her. I hope anyone that has any questions will feel they can contact me any time.

Thank you again for such a gift.

Update September 29, 2009

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Zani our Giant Harlequin is doing.  She turned a year in January, my how time flies.  She probably says 35 or 40 words, she loves kids and new people, she will try and flirt and jog her head back and forth and say hi there  whatcha doin  hi chicki baby  step up  etc....I can hold her every which way, cradled like a baby, against my chest and rub her belly, etc...she is so gentle and so adorable....and as from the beginning eating is just the most fun for her and her belly still gets big and round.  If you are interested I would love to send you photos or a few mini videos of her.  I am thankful every single day for her, she has stolen my heart and soul.  We have 4 macaws now, one moluccan cockatoo, an african grey and just got a baby double yellow headed amazon that I am still handfeeding.  My husband and I have created a fun area outside for the macaws as well for the afternoons when we are outside on the patio.  That is their favorite part of the day and I dread when winter comes and they can't do that for awhile.

I hope all is well with you and your family and again I just want to thank you for raising such a perfect sweetheart of a companion for us.  We love her so very much.

Myla and Steve Zink"

Email - Myla Zink

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Ruby Macaw - AURORA, ILLINOIS -02/18/08

"Hi Judy,   I wanted to send an update on Gaberiel as he is sixteen months old now.  Gaberiel has developed over the last year into my absolute best friend.  First of all, as you know I was living at our summer place in Louisiana when you had him flown down to New Orleans for me.  The transport went very smooth and he arrived safely, well fed, warm, and ready to get out of his travel cage.  When we got home he came out immediately to me, with the smallest amount of hesitation.

I have interacted with many different breeders "hand/fed/raised" babies, well I'm really glad I did my research and purchased my Ruby Macaw from you.  Gaberiel has been sweet and well socialized from day one. Gaberiel's demeanor is noticeably calmer, and more gentle than other birds I have interacted with.  With a Ruby macaw I really feel I have the best of both worlds in a Green Wing macaw and a Scarlet Macaw all rolled into one.  This breed really seems to be a very well kept secret in the Macaw world, and they are quite rare. Gaberiel is about the size of a green wing, and is very gentle like a green wing.  He is also playful and physically more colorful like a Scarlet.  I like a bird that is a little bit of a joker and he definitely has those qualities.  No perch potato here.  My only problem with owning one of your birds is that I want more of them now.  You have to keep raising Macaws because I don't think I want a bird from another breeder.  Thanks for raising my baby to be so kind and gentle.  The work you put into him those first few months really set the tone for his personality for the next eighty years for me.  I'm looking forward to my next macaw purchase from you."

Email - James Brown

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Scarlet Macaw - URBANA, ILLINOIS -06/07/03

"I haven't written for a while so I wanted to check in real quick. Opie, my Scarlet I got from you in November, is still doing great. Everyone seems to think he's a love bug. Whenever Janet and I go on our rare trips the ladies at the bird club fight to see who gets to take him home for a visit. He'll be a year old in just a few weeks and he will get very special treats. He's a really wonderful pet and once again I thank you for him. He was obviously lovingly raised by you."

Email - David de Jong

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Scarlet Macaw - Athens, Alabama - 03/21/2000

"On November 21, 2000 I mailed a deposit to Judy Leach for a baby Scarlet Macaw that as of yet had not been hatched but was soon due. Just a short 4 days later, I received an e-mail from Judy stating that she had received the deposit and the baby had hatched. She had also sent a picture of the baby. We continued corresponding with her sending e-mail pictures of the baby. It was wonderful seeing and comparing pictures with previous ones that we had received. Our baby flew into Huntsville International aboard an American Eagle flight from Chicago’s Ohare on March 13, 2001. The transportation preparation was excellent and flawless. The baby was healthy and well. The loving care shown to this baby during her first four months was obvious.

I believe Judy Leach to be an extremely dedicated person who loves all of her babies and the love that she has placed upon them during raising is a wonderful asset to the baby’s character. Judy Leach is a Matriarch for all Parrots and is to be commended for her excellent work."

Email - Bob & Roe Shelton

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Green Wing Macaw - Slidell, Louisianna - 3/17/2008

"I hope anyone interested in having a  macaw as a family member finds this letter.  Buying a parrot is a risky business and you could easily end up with a dominate or poorly socialized bird.  With Judy, you will never have to worry about that.

Rico was far more intelligent and loving than I could have ever imagined.  From day one, he crawled up on my belly, puffed up and started making baby noises.  He is over two years old now and he and I are still best buddies.  This bird is so smart!  He never in the entire time I’ve had him messed on me.  I couldn’t believe that the bird was potty trained!  At work I find that I have to tone down the stories because people just don’t believe it until they see it.  He is just a giant red teddy bear.

Friends I’ve made over the parrot forums on the internet are suffering from the terrible two’s.  Some of them are dealing with behavior problems, some of them are even wishing they made different choices, but Rico is still the same sweet loving buddy I’ve always known.

I look back at Judy’s site from time to time and I even started to look at some of the artwork she has produced and its clear to me that only an artist could do what she has done.  The baby she raised for me is the result of years of experience with Macaws and the love that an artist puts into a painting. As far as I know, Judy is unique in the bird world. I strongly recommend you trust her to raise your baby parrot."

Email - Mark LaFentres

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Green Wing Macaw - East Syracuse, New York - 2/08/2008

"Hello Judy,
I just wanted to say what a joy Leilani has been to me and will as long as she is here on this earth. I got Leilani because for years I have wanted a macaw, my first choice was a Hyacinth, but at the time was not in the budget, and you had advised that Green Wings have same temperament as Hyacinths, so we got on your waiting list, and not even three weeks later, Leilani was born.  Her name is Hawaiian and it means Heavenly Child, and that she is. She is one of my children.  She was raised to perfection by you and I cannot ask for more.  She is one of the loves of my life and will be forever.  Thanks so much Judy!!"

Email - Loren John

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Green Wing Macaw (2007) & Giant Harlequin (2006) - Springfield, Missouri - 5/26/2007

"Dear Judy, Just wanted to update you on how the baby is doing. He is wonderful.  He is so calm and is so affectionate. Harley had really bonded with me and so Kevin has taken a very active role in training Fawkes, who cries out when Kevin starts to go out of the room.  They sit together for hours and Fawkes just lays his head near Kevin's ear and coos to him. Harley has been so fun. Both he and the baby are learning that they can't fly on top of the cages and need to stay on their play gyms.

We can't thank you enough for raising them the way you have. They are so much a part of our lives now that I can't imagine being without them. Kevin even is talking about taking a vacation but using a large RV so the birds can come with us!!!"

Email - Robin & Kevin Bradley

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Green Wing Macaw - Mesa, Arizona - 10/24/2006

"I know you've heard this a gazillion times before, but I have to tell you again. I have one of your male green wings, born July 4th, 2003. I can only now appreciate all the work, money, dedication and TRUE LOVE that you and only you have put into the care, breeding and raising of your babies. My guy is the love of my life. I bought him for all the wrong reasons and in the middle of a an undiagnosed depressive episode in my life. Actually, I have no clue why I bought him, but, now I wouldn't know what I would've done without him. He gave me a reason to get up in the morning, get a job and basically, get a life. He depended on me. I was all he had and I sure wasn't going to let anything happen to him. In all his beautiful glory and intelligence, he has taught me more than I ever expected. He has entertained me with his endless wit, sense of humor, trickster antics, and spontaneous words (at precisely the right moment) much more than I ever imagined. Jade practically saved my life. In all His infinite wisdom, God presented me with a lifelong gift. You were the one whose dedication and hard work produced a wonderfully loving, socialized and well behaved parrot that was able to bring this beautiful gift into my life."

Email - Pamela Kelly

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Green Wing Macaw - Clinton, Iowa - 08/21/05

"Judy, Dyson is a delightful baby. Bright-eyed and inquisitive, we have enjoyed him so much already. His personality is amazing. He is so easy going. With all the rescue birds that come through our doors, it is second nature to have people be extra cautious around the birds, but he is such a big lover, what a great change of pace! We will let you know how he is doing. Thank you so much for the time, effort and love you put in to bringing up our baby. He is forever going to be a wonderful and cherished member of our family.


Email - Maggie Bielenberg

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Green Wing Macaw - Wyoming, Ohio - 12/27/04

"Judy, I don't think I could say thank-you enough for the beautiful baby that you sent me. Even before I sent you my deposit, you went out of your way to prepare me for the arrival of my baby. Cosmo is doing great. The vet even made several remarks as to the superior care which he received from you, the breeder. Cosmo's personality and temperament are definitely a product of his upbringing and I could not be happier. He is adjusting very well, and I am comforted to know that you are only a phone call away if I should have any questions or problems no matter how small. You are with no doubt highly recommended, and I would not mind at all being contacted to brag about you and my little one. Thanks again, Lynda Spurling"

Email - Lynda Spurling

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Green Wing Macaw - Simi Valley, California - 11/16/04

"Moose is amazing! He's very happy, Very talkative and very very loving too! Baby talks all the time and loves apple cinnamon oatmeal. He thinks he's so cool when he's playing he'll roll over all by himself and last night he fell asleep like that... too funny! Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family!

... you might want to put a "disclaimer" on your web-page about "Super-Sizing" your birds, Moose is HUGE!!! He's a big, big baby! He's already saying "hell-loooo" Both syllables! I'm really amazed how smart he is... He gets fidgety at dinner time very, very animated, he starts whining a bit, but he's not loud at all ... more like duck sounds and some short squeaky sounds, that's amazing too! A non-loud macaw???? Is that even possible??? He must be one of those new-quiet DNA strains huh? He loves to play in blankets. I've never seen a bird that likes spending so much time rolling over and playing on his back, very very funny to watch and gets more into it the more we laugh... he's not a shy bird by any stretch and wants to be with us ALL the time. He walks from room to room with us. Seriously, He's really great, loving and a total "mush-ball" when it comes to attention... He definitely knows what the word "NO" means too! All any of us have to do is say "no" and he stops doing whatever it is.. now, if only I could get the rest of my kids to listen that good?! Judy, he's simply fantastic! - We couldn't be happier! Thank You - Thank You - Thank You!!!

Dr. Mark, Debbie, Tommy & Justin Penikas"

Email - Mark and Debbie Penikas

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Green Wing Macaw - Beckley, West Virginia- 11/24/03

"Monica and I just wanted to thank you for everything.  Not only did you provide us with a perfect baby Green Wing, but you answered every question that a new bird owner could have. We never thought we would turn out to be "bird people" until our Green Wing arrived. She has become a part of our family. I can't say enough about the quality. She is absolutely beautiful and very affectionate. It was obvious the day she arrived that you had nurtured her and prepared her for human contact. She arrived very clean and promptly on time. You followed up on every question we had, and took the time to call and email us even after we received the baby. You more than fulfilled every promise. If we decide to buy her a buddy, you are the only one we will call! Thank you very much. I don't mind if you put my cell number: 304-222-4118. If anyone would like to see pictures of the baby, they can go here - ."

Email - Chad & Monica Lilly

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Green Wing Macaw - Beloit, Wisconsin - 09/24/02

"Just thought I would let you know that Lucy is doing great! She loves to eat peanuts, almonds, grapes and carrots for snacks. She went with me to work today and everyone just loved her! She is super sweet and always tries to jump on me when I get near her. I will keep you updated as to her progress. Thanks again for a super sweet baby."

Email - Nancy Zarnstorff

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Green Wing Macaw - Sterling, Illinois - 09/17/01

"Just wanted to let you know that getting our Green Wing from you was the best thing we ever did. He has been a joy in our lives. His name is Tookie. You said this bird came from parents where they all liked children and you were so right. Tookie is quite the character. We got Tookie from you in 1997. Thank you for being so caring in raising your birds."

Email - Donna Smith

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Green Wing Macaw - Chicago, Illinois- 07/24/01

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note (which is long overdue) To tell you THANK YOU....THANK YOU...and THANK YOU For the most beautiful green-wing macaw. I named her Rubi, and I absolutely adore her. Thanks to you, Rubi is so gentle--playful and witty and so full of personality. Thanks to you, Rubi has a wonderful is disposition that has made it very easy for me to feel comfortable with Rubi and to overcome my own timidity. Thanks to you, Judy, Rubi is truly a gem. I already raved about you to anyone who will listen. You truly and genuinely have a one of kind skill in raising the most wonderful birds. And yes, WHEN (not "if") I am able to take on another one, I will only return to you! Thank you again, Judy!"

Email - Dee Jarad

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Green Wing Macaw - Caledonia, Wisconsin - 12/07/2000

"Both Harvey and I want to thank you very much for all of the joy you have allowed us to bring into our home when we purchased Chloe on October 20, 2000. Granted, it seemed like a really long wait from his birth on 5/11/00, but it was well worth it. He is so personable and lovable, and extremely intelligent. Still has not started to talk, but knows when I get home, and sure lets me know."

Email - Debbie & Harvey Kligora

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Green Wing Macaw - ELBA, NEW YORK - 10/06/2000

"Just wanted to give you an update on my baby. She loves to snuggle right up to me and what I call coo. She fits in very well with all of the activity that's in the house. Nothing seems to bother her at all. Just goes to show you how well she's been brought up!! I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful baby. I couldn't have asked for a better baby than the one I have. I absolutely love her!! I told a friend that I would not hesitate to get another bird from you, and she could definitely see why."

Email - Mark &Kristie Accardi

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Green Wing Macaw - KENOSHA, WISCONSIN - 11/01/98

"Just wanted to thank you and tell you how much we love "Baby". He did great on the ride home. He snuggled and looked around very curiously at his moving surroundings from the car. When we got home, he was so excited and overwhelmed by his new cage and all of his many new toys. He plays with all of them just the same and truly seems to appreciate each and every one. Thank again for everything."

Email - Malia & Charlie Esp

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Green Wing Macaw -  MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - 04/07/99

"I purchased a Green Wing Macaw from you about a month ago. We have become the best of friends. ......Thanks for your help and for finding me the World's BEST friend!!"

Email -Ben Singer

Green Wing Macaw -  JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA - 06/01//99

"The DNA test just told us that the baby Green Wing Macaw that we bought from you is a girl!! She is so beautiful. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Sam Vaughn within 20 miles of us, and he says my little one is a wonderful specimen. All her tests proved that she is completely healthy. Judy, thank you for taking such wonderful care of my little one. By staying in constant touch with me and sending me pictures every week, you made the wait seem not so long. Holding this gorgeous, healthy baby in my arms makes all of the time I had to wait so worth it, and I have you to thank."

Email - Jan Carducci

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Green Wing Macaw -  SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - 01/10/2000

"Kesha, our Green Wing Macaw is doing great! He is as cuddly as a kitten and very active. He really is just one of the family now. He eats with us, showers with us, and hang out with us. I think parrots are the most intriguing pets on the face of the earth. His intelligence amazes me."

Email - Adam Winge

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Blue and Gold Macaw - MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - 12/01/99

"Thank you so much for raising my baby Blue and Gold Macaw so well. Right after I took her home, she was eating well, responding to me, and showing companionship toward me. Most macaws that I see at pet shops are somewhat unpredictable, a little "ragged" and sometimes nippy. My little baby has turned out great. I would highly recommend that anyone thinking of buying a Blue and Gold macaw should contact you for one of your babies."

Email - Scott Knackert

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Blue and Gold Macaw - SAVOY, ILLINOIS - 11/02/99

"From the day we brought our baby B&G "Sky" home, she has been an absolute angel. We thank you very much for raising us a bird with such a wonderfully disposition. Chani and I were nervous that she wouldn't adjust very well, but all of our fears were put to ease after we saw her eating and playing with her toys on the first day home (we didn't expect her to start eating right away). Sky is a very cuddle-able and loveable bird, yet she is also very brave. She does not seem to fear anything at all, and appears to be quite the acrobat. She is also very intelligent, as she has already learned to step-up. Although each bird has it's own personality, a well-socialized bird comes from a good breeder. Thank you again."

Email - Chad & Chani

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Blue and Gold Macaw - FOX LAKE, ILLINOIS - 04/18/99

"Romeo is sweet, happy, and a well-bred, well cared for bird. Believe me, you know how we looked around, researched the net, and looked hard for a breeder who is as conscientious and loving with her birds as you are. The glowing report from our vet also confirmed for us the great "lineage" of birds you raise. Thanks again for everything...."

Email - Kim Majewski

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Catalina Macaw - SPOTSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA - 03/30/2002

"What a wonderful blessing Trixie is! She is just fabulous. She's been so sweet and cuddly, and keeps herself busy playing with toys when we put her back in her cage. She's been sweet with our Boston Terrier, too. She looked at him, he smelled her tail, ant they haven't given each other another thought. Al's been playing the guitar for her and she loves it. This was the best birthday gift Al has ever given me, and the months of waiting for Trixie to be old enough to come home were really worth it."

Email - Vanessa Folsom

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Congo Grey - KOKOMO, INDIANA - 01/03/2004

" First I want to let you know that getting Lacey Jo Morgan is the best thing I could have ever done. She is such a clown! She said her first word at seven months and is continuing to expand her vocabulary. I take her on trips and lots of car rides with me. Her and my Doberman are best friends, although she has all the other pets scared of her! She lays on her back while I tickle her tummy and wrestles with me all the time. I can't begin to tell you what a joy it is to have her with me. She has become quite proficient at throwing my glasses off when I don't pay enough attention to her. People tell me I've spoiled her, but I don't think so. Just because she eats with me, sits with me, rides with me, and stays with me all the time, doesn't mean she's spoiled! I've had many other "bird people" tell me Greys aren't cuddly. They obviously have no clue about the birds you have bred. I can't thank you enough for Lacey Jo.  On another note, we are considering getting a Macaw. As of right now, we are leaning towards the Green wing. If you have any available or are expecting to have any soon, we would be very interested in getting one. We haven't absolutely decided on a Green wing, we are also considering others. One thing we do know is that if we get one, we want it to come from you. "

Email - Jackie Vore

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Congo Grey - ILLINOIS- 04/13/2000

"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful my little grey girl is!  Don't ever let anyone tell you greys are aloof and not loving. My grey is the happiest when she is with me/on me, and her favorite thing to do is to cuddle. Every morning she runs into my bedroom, climbs up using the bed skirt, and tunnels under the covers.  When I get back into bed, she snuggles up and falls asleep. If greys are properly nurtured and socialized, they can be sweet, gentle, and very loving."

Email - Cindi Becker

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Congo Grey - ILLINOIS - 12/02/99

"In July of 1994, we adopted a baby African Grey from you. When I discovered your web site, I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you that our baby, named Westin, has been a joy. She has grown up into the sweetest, gentlest, loving bird we could ever hope for. Our vet says she is the "mellowest" bird he has ever seen. She never fails to elicit compliments about her looks from family and friends, and although I may be accused of bias, I have to agree she is one of the prettiest greys I've seen. I'm sure you've seen may of your babies go to good homes in the last 5 years, but I thought you might like to know that we consider Westin an outstanding bird. Thank you very much."

Email - Mike Becker

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Congo Grey - DUBUQUE, IOWA - 09/26/98

"We adopted our African Grey baby from you on March 15, 1998. He is now over 8 months old and ruling the roost around here. He is such a good bird. He whistles, barks like our Schnauzer, coo-coo's like the clock, and is working on "Hello". We love him very much and were impressed with your home and aviary. If anyone is looking for a long-term companion...we suggest an African Grey...Everybody should be owned by one!!!"

Email - Doug & Jean

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Congo Grey - ORLANDO, FLORIDA - 09/27/98

"Since my CAG, Holly, is one year old today, I wanted to let you know how beautifully she is doing. She is a joy and a delight--I would spend every minute of the day watching her if I could. In the nine months I have had her, I have learned a lot about CAG's --- from books and from several "lists". One thing I have learned is how much I owe to you as her breeder. It is obvious that she was well socialized and fed properly and all the rest. So I want to thank you for her and for the TLC you give to your birds. Thank a million."

Email - Valerie Lake

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Congo Grey - GLASGOW, MONTANA- 10/25/98

"She has been with us just over three weeks now and acts better than any of our three kids do. I guess Jessie will never be a teenager so we can be thankful for that. She is the most cuddly, happy pet that I have ever seen. Being hatched on July 2nd  of 1998, she is already potty trained well. I can really tell that she had a good upbringing as when I tell her small commands (no), and she understands and accepts that as the rule. We just hope that we can continue to teach her the way she was taught when she was in her weaning stage. If anyone wants to hear from a satisfied customer, they are sure welcome to email us."

Email -Mike and Joy DeTienne

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Goffin Cockatoo - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - 02/23/99

"I have included a photo of Iggy. He is really hilarious, and has been a lot of fun so far. He likes to sit on top of my cat Sugar and nibble her ears and whiskers. He's quite a character. Thanks again for a great little bird!"

Email - KathyKass

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