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Cockatoo Pictures and Descriptions

Rosebreasted Cockatoo

ThePicture of Rosebreasted Cockatoo Rosebreasted Cockatoo, also know and the Galah Cockatoo, does not have the normal white color associated with the more commonly known cockatoos. The head is a light pink, the chest can vary from a medium to dark rose color, and the back and wings are a light to medium grey. The Rosebreasted cockatoo is a little smaller than the Elenora Cockatoo, with a total length of about 15 inches. It has a white eye ring, that looks bumpy in a mature male. They also do not shed the dust that the white cockatoos do.

The Rosebreasted Cockatoo originates in Australia, and is in such abundance that they have become pests to the farmers. Huge flocks of of these parrots destroy crops of corn and other grains. The farmers destroy them by the hundreds in defense of their crops. In the United States, the Rosebreasted Cockatoos are bred by a limited number of breeders. They are not normally easy to breed, and demand a higher price than many of the other cockatoos because they are much less common.

The personality of the Rosebreasted Cockatoo is mischievous and curious. For this reason, they are more independent than other cockatoos, and do not tend to be as demanding of attention. As with most babies, they may go through a period of testing authority in their adolescence. If this period is handled with gentle perseverence, it will pass, and he will settle down to be an affection, entertaining, and loving companion.