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Last Updated May 15, 2013

Sometimes it's fun to reminisce about the past and sometimes you may wonder how you got through it. I thought I might share some my past experiences. Most of them have been good, and I think you will enjoy them. Sometimes we have to get past the bad experiences in our lives as part of the path that leads to the good ones. To eliminate any part of a life, good or bad, would change the path and all that follows. I guess I have always had a hard time keeping a low profile, and many of my past, and present, endeavors have attracted attention in one way or another. I will be adding events as they occur, and possibly others from the past as I find them.

Click on an article to read a larger copy or on the control panel to view a video. As you read articles, keep in mind that the reporters seldom accurately report what they are told. Very often, interviews are exaggerated or modified to make them more "interesting". I never would give any of my parrots Coke or snack foods as one of the articles states, although I did give them a piece of pizza crust or a french fry now and then. Please do not believe everything in these articles any more than you should believe everything that you read on the internet. Some of the information is accurate, but some comments are not. For those of you that don't know it, my last name was Marczak prior to getting married. This page may take a little time to load completely, please be patient.

January, 1985 - This article was written before I got into breeding parrots. At the time, I was buying wild, imported parrots, and taming them to find homes for them as pets. Pet stores would often buy the imported parrots, and sell them to inexperienced buyers without taming them. The people buying these birds had no idea how to work with them and most often resold them to other people that would do the same. More often than not, these parrots never adjusted to domestic living, and were sometimes mistreated and/or abandoned. I felt that my taming them and teaching them to trust and even become bonded to humans, I was helping to ensure their their happiness and success as members of a family. Keep in mind that the parrots in these pictures are all wild, imported parrots.
August, 1985 - This article came out 5 days after the house fire that I lost most of my birds. The reporters didn't talk to me to get facts. So I don't know where some of the figures came from. They state in the article that 35 parrots were lost. The actual number was closer to 85. My son and I had driven to the airport to pick up some birds that had been shipped. We were gone only an hour, and came home to find fire engines in front of our house, and firemen breaking down the door to get in. More of this tragedy is described on my history page.
October, 1994 - In this issue of the Sun-Times, an article was included about evidence that led to the conviction of Tony Silva for smuggling parrots. This was also around the time that importation of parrots was banned. The articles shown here were also included in this issue to represent viewpoints of the importation ban, domestic breeding of parrots, and the effects they might have on smuggling and the countries of origin.
August, 1996 - This article was written at a time when domestic parrot babies were usually sold unweaned. Although I did sell unweaned babies at this time, I would not let them go as young as many breeders did, and I required new owners to feed babies under my supervision before they could take them. I also educated new families on the danger of hand feeding, and supported new owners throughout the feeding and weaning process, and after. At this point in time, I will allow babies to go to their new home only after they are weaned.
October, 1997 - An appearance on Bozo's Circus - This time I brought my pets. I was surprised that they all behaved so well. We waited almost 5 hours before they taped the show. Pets For You
October, 1998 - Another appearance on Bozo's Circus - The viewers enjoyed the first time, so they asked us to come back. The birds we brought this time were all young birds. The Grey is one of my pets. Pets For You
January, 2001 - After we moved to Marengo, the editors of Marengo Press found out we bred parrots and called to ask if they could come to the house for an interview to find out more about the parrots and how they were raised. I think that this was one of the better articles that had been written.
May, 2001 - Although this article included some good information, as with all of them, there are some inaccurate statements. This article mentions that parrot babies can be disciplined with a "light slap" on the beak. Parrots should never, ever be reprimanded with any physically aggressive actions. In my experience, verbal intonations are usually enough to let a parrot know that a behavior is not acceptable. For the more stubborn, older parrots, there are a number of methods that can be used that do not include rough handling of any kind. Parrots learn much like children. Rough or aggressive methods of teaching will only cause aggressive or defensive response.
February, 2004 - Dispute with SBC - Most people had been hesitant to dispute or oppose SBC, but a bill over $2500 and my long distance service shut off got me on the warpath. A call to Chicago Tribune and a small article got CBS interested in the story. As it turned out, my persistence helped a lot of people to beat SBC's system of deception. CSB SBC
April, 2013 - This is a video of my Mom at her 93rd birthday party. She has aphasia and dementia, but she still knows how to have a good time. She has become a new focus in my life, and the reason I am cutting back . Mom