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African Parrot Pictures and Descriptions

Timneh African Grey

TTimneh African Greyhe Timneh African Grey is a smaller cousin of the Congo African Grey. It is about two-thirds the size of an average Congo and is darker in color. The feathering is a charcoal grey versus the lighter to silver grey of the Congo. The tail is a dark maroon red and the upper mandible is paritally to all bone colored as compared to the totally black of the Congo Grey. The bird pictured has an inherited red factor. This trait is also seen in the Congo African Greys.

The Timneh African Grey is every bit as talented as his larger cousin in his talking ability and his personality is a bit less high strung. The Timneh is usually much less expensive than the Congo. This is due to being less popular than the Congo because of his size and color. Unfortunately, most breeders would rather breed the Congos because they cost no more to breed and raise than the Timnehs and the Congos carry a higher price tag. The Congo Greys are more popular primarily because of their larger size and lighter color.

If you have a limited budget, and want a smaller, good natured parrot with an excellent ability to talk, the Timneh African Grey might be an excellent choice for you.