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Mini Macaw Pictures and Descriptions

Yellow Collar Macaw

The Yellow Collar Macaw, also know as the Yellow Nape Macaw is a mini macaw that will reach a total length of about 15 inches. It is mostly dYellowcollar.jpgark green with brownish black on the top of the head, and dark brown around and under the facial patch. The yellow on the nape can vary in size from just the back of the neck to an area that extends all the way to the top of the head. The facial patch is is bare and is yellowish white to white in color.

The Yellow Collar Macaw as a pet is very curious and playful. They tend to be friendly, social pets if they are socialized and properly trained as youngsters. The Yellow Collar Macaw has a good ability to talk, and will learn fairly quickly if they are talked to when they are young. This mini macaw tends to be gregarious, and can, at times, be very vocal and noisy. This is not usually appreciated by apartment dwellers. This tendency can sometimes be curtailed by teaching young Yellow Collar Macaws to entertain themselves with toys provided to them. Routines should be avoided, and being noisy should not be encouraged with recognition. It is much easier to prevent a parrot from developing the behavior of screaming for attention, than to try to correct the problem after it has developed.