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Amazon Parrot Pictures and Descriptions

Blue Front Amazon

The Blue Front Amazon is one of the most popular of the Amazons. His color can vary from the Chaco that tends to have more yellow and pastel blue on the head and more red Blue Front Amazonon the bend of the wing to the more common sub-species that has primarily a medium blue on the head and much less red on the top to the wing.

The Blue Front Amazon, as with most amazons, are comical and entertaining pets. Their temperament is very dependent on their upbringing and the teaching they have had as youngsters. They are rated as the third best talkers of the amazons, and can make very good pets if their aggressive nature is kept in check.

As with most amazons, it is possible that they become aggressive and unpredictable after they reach maturity. This period may begin at 3-5 years of age, and may not be totally evident until sometimes after the age of 12 years. They tend to be very protective of their mates. If that happens to be a human, their way of protecting their mate from danger is to bite them to make them get back. They will also sometimes attack whatever they feel is the danger, even if this happens to be another human. The training as a youngster is very important to the development and future behavior. A baby should be given a lot of affection and should be introduced and handled by all members of the family. Socializing is very important to the develpment of an amazon.

If you happen to have, or choose, an amazon as a pet, it is very important that you maintain dominance and control, and, teach him acceptable behavior. A well-trained Blue Front Amazon can be a very affectionate, loving, and entertaining pet, but as they mature, it usually must be accepted that they may become moody and unpredictable during breeding seasons after they mature.