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African Parrot Pictures and Descriptions

Congo African Parrot

The Congo African Grey is one of the more popular subspecies of the African Grey species. African Greys are highly intelligent parrots that have been found to develop the intelligence level of a 5 year old child and the emotional development of a 3 year old. African Greys have the ability to develop an extensive vocabulary, and most often learn to Congo African Greyunderstand and use the words and phrases that they learn in context. Although, their high level of intelligence causes them to be intriguing, entertaining, and interesting as pets and companions, it can also present a challenge to the unsuspecting or unprepared pet owner. The intelligence of the African Greys may often be used to manipulate their "human pets", so it is recommended that control is maintained and that the intelligence of these parrots is never underestimated. Socializing, affection, and teaching of rules as youngsters is very important to insure well-rounded, friendly, outgoing personalities.

There are two common sub-species in the African Greys, Timnehs and Congos. Others that may be mentioned occasionally are the Ghana and the Camaroon. Although the Timneh is a true subspecies, the Congo, Camaroon, and Ghana are all very similar and are very often mixed in breeding, both in the wild and in captivity. The differences are in the country of origin and in the general size and darkness of the grey. Since parrots do not know borders, it is difficult to find true strains even in the wild. If the subspecies were true, the Camaroon African Grey is the largest and the lightest grey of the group. The Congo African Grey would be next in size and lightness of color, and the Ghana African Grey is the smallest and darkest of the group. Even within true subspecies, though, it may be difficult to see the difference. Just as in people, there are light and dark, large and small, within each subspecies. Pictured is a Congo African Grey baby. Timnehs are about 1/3 smaller in size, more of a charcoal grey, and have a maroon tail instead of bright red. The talking ability and pet quality of all subspecies of the African Greys is equal, but the price of a Timneh African Grey is usually a bit lower. The Ghanas, Congos, and Camaroons are most often all sold as Congos.