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Judy Leach's Parrots
Breeder Specializing in Macaws, including Hyacinth Macaw


We live on 5 acres just outside of Marengo, Illinois, and have raised a variety of Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons, Conures, and Eclectus. In more recent years, I have reduced my breeding pairs to only Macaws to allow me more time for other interests. All babies are born and raised in our home, and given individual training and attention. They are kept Hyacinth Babiesin separate containers and cages as they grow, and imprinted on people. I have found that babies respond to affection even before their eyes are open. When petting them, they will actually push their heads into my hand. The affection that they receive at an early age helps them to develop into responsive individuals as babies and adults. We relate to our babies as children and supply them with the same toys that are given to babies to develop co-ordination and intelligence. Generally, the babies learn to talk at a very early age because they are talked to from the time they are very young. They learn manners and acceptable behavior as any child would. The result is friendly, outgoing, and affectionate youngsters that would make a delightful addition to any home.

Assistance is offered in selecting a parrot species that will fit your personality, likes, and lifestyle, whether it beGreen Wing Macaw in flight a type that I breed or not. When a family is interested in purchasing a baby, we try to match the baby to the family he is going to. I pride myself in placing babies in long-term homes. The only way that I can do this is to make sure that the baby and the family are well matched, and that the new family is aware of the care and training the baby will require as he develops. I have, and will, refuse to let a baby go to someone who wants to buy a parrot on a whim, or for the wrong reasons, i.e. a home decoration or a status symbol. If I don't have a baby that will fit into your family situation, I can sometimes suggest a species that will, and give a referral to a reliable source for the species that is most suited to you and your life style. I don't just sell parrots. I try to find long-term homes for babies.

All babies have a full health guarantee with a vet check within 72 hours. We guarantee that you are getting a healthy bird, but, with our help and support, it is up to you to keep him that way after you get him home. Complete support in feeding, care, and training is included with each baby to insure your success in raising a baby that will be a wonderful companion for years to come. From the time that you purchase one of our babies, support and help is always a phone call away. Our goal is to help you to raise a happy, healthy, well-mannered baby that will be a permanent member of your family. This includes care, training, behavior, and, sometimes, emergency medical. Calls are accepted at any time of the day or night. Health of all babies is fully guaranteed, including genetic and congenital defects.

We also occasionally offer parrot breeders for sale when we have an overstock or find that we are producing more babies than we can give the required attention needed to help in the development of each baby. They are all guaranteed to be healthy on your receipt, and health certificates will be provided upon request at your expense. Pictures and descriptions can be provided. Check out the Breeder Availability List for a list of singles and pairs being offered for sale.

I am currently working to complete a book that is geared to educate the new and experienced parrot owners in choosing, raising, and training a parrot that will be a permanent family member. This web site contains some copyrighted excerpts from the book that may be printed for personal use, but may not used or copied for publication without explicit permission.

All questions about species, behavior, training, and care will be answered within 24 hours. My objective is to improve the general knowledge and appreciation of these incredibly intelligent, beautiful, and fascinating creatures. Although, I try to help new, prospective breeders as much as possible, I ask that requests to visit our nursery are by appointment only, and that the time required to care for our breeders and babies is considered and respected by visitors. We have many requests daily from new breeders wishing to learn about breeding parrots. If we allow all of them the time that they ask, we would not have time to feed and care for our breeding pairs and babies. Please do not feel offended if you are refused time for visiting or if your visit is limited.